Apr 20, 2012

My Desk and my Smash book

It really is this clean. The lights have been dimmed a bit, I think it makes my area a bit cozy. Untitled Desk

Since I know I have at least one reader (Hi Karina), here is an update on my Smash Book. I don't really do 'chunky' on the book. Since I carry it in my purse I don't want it to heavy. 

Inside. Untitled My family. I wanted my first pages to be of the most important people in my life. Even though, and I am sure this is for all moms, I don't feel like their most important person. Untitled March Calendar Page Untitled Just stuff..but look at the baby boy. I can't get enough of my nephew. Untitled more stuff. Untitled April Calendar Page. 
I've collected images from different magazines. The card on the left is my new business card - as if I need one. I put the little mustache face over my info. Untitled my boring but awesome life. Untitled and that is it. OH..if you have time, and happen to be in the area..I am doing a make and take tag at Remember When next Friday. 

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