Apr 27, 2012

a Triathlete? Me? Why not.

I thought about it a few times, actually it's been on my mind for a while. I wanted to do a Triathlon before I turned 40. 40 came and went and still I didn't want to take the plunge. I'm scared. I for one am the FIRST one to tease my friend about sharks in the ocean. I will sit there and totally tease him and scare him all while I am just laughing away. Honestly I was jealous. Jealous because it wasn't something I could do. Really I wasn't ready for the challenge. As always life got in the way, or really I made excuses. 

About a month ago I was talking to my friend Jenny about seriously considering doing a Triathlon with Team in Training.My friend Sue would just tell me "Bucket! Do it! I can't even tell you want an amazing experience it has been!" Sue, Jenny and I have trained for marathons together, but a Triathlon? While helping out at a fundraiser (back in December) again they 'almost' convinced me. During a night of walking the streets of Los Angeles and drinking a few beers - Jenny had me convinced. BUT I still hadn't signed up. Then I finally decided, this is my year! As I said before "Crazy is as crazy does."     

Sue, Jenny, Talene, Nary, and me.

And so a new chapter in "The Crazy Things Bucket Does" begins.  


Elisabeth said...

Go Bucket!!! I am SO excited for you. You are going to love it!! :D

Christine said...

You drank the Koolade - OH No!!! hahhaaaa... Honestly, I am jealous!