May 12, 2011

5.12.2011 Pocket full of sunshine

Have you watched that film Easy A? Emma Stone's character, Olive, receives a music card from a grandparent. She opens up the card and it starts singing, over and over again, I've got a pocketful of sunshine.... etc. She quickly closes it and says..worst song ever! Then all of sudden she sings it all weekend click on the video below.

Well yesterday morning started off for me like that. Mark started playing that song for me and it was stuck in my head all day. I kept telling myself being "technically" over 40 isn't all that bad. Unless you have a child who loves to tell you "Mama you are old." I wanted to tell that brat yeah but not old enough to still spank you. He is just excited he is going to be 21 in a month. So what. 21 just means you are more of an adult than ever! So what if you can go to bars. So what if you can go to Vegas and gamble. whatever Johnny don't make me start telling all of your potential girlfriends how you use to cry while watching Lion King. 

All in all it really was a good day. Started off with a nice walk around the UCLA Campus. Came home. My young men (blah) were there waiting for me. I cooked dinner. I had been craving those little  Lasagna Cupcakes. Totally YUMMY!! They are small and perfect. Just add a bread roll and a yummy salad..and presto dinner is served. I love cooking with this little woman! Thank you for helping me Mariah.     
Instead of a cake we had Tea Cakes from Coral Cafe in Burbank. Don't tell Mark but yes I actually like them. He tries to 'push' them on me saying they are so good this and that...I always say they suck only because he loves them..haha but no really they are very good.
See here we are at my little birthday celebration. It was perfect. Quiet, at home, aahhh relaxation.
L-R. My mom holding Scarlett, Mark, Joshua, Mariah, Me, Marcus, and that one trying to bite me is my almost 21 year old Johnny. 
Thank you Mona for taking this beautiful picture. 

I have this little tradition, I try to take a picture of me with my men, but can you tell they really aren't into it. I'll take a picture, look at it, oh that sucks lets do another one. Totally frustrates them :( punks, so here are the best ones.

I tried. I would have loved to have one photo of all three of us together, but yeah right. Trying to tear them apart from the TV just wasn't going to work. But that is OK I was happy. Happy to have all 3 of them here with me. Gosh I sound all mushy, but yes I was very happy. Then I decided to take photos of me, to remind me to enjoy what is around me and know that I can't fix everything but to enjoy the moment.

Top Left Picture - My contact wanted to fall out of my eye, my eyes weren't use to smiling so much. hah
Top Right - That is me trying to take a cutesie sort of picture.
Bottom Left - I was trying to bring out my inner hippie with a peace thing. But really I wondered, what do I look like laying down. What does Mark see when coming to bed. hahaha
Bottom Right - Is me looking at my mood ring and telling says NOT IN THE MOOD. hahaha

All in all it was a wonderful birthday spent with those I love. Thank you for for the wonderful emails and phone calls. It really made my day.

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Elisabeth said...

bucket, i just love you! i'm so glad you are in my life. i hope your birthday was magical and brings you an amazing year! xoxo