Oct 25, 2010

Project 365 - 10/23

10/23 1

Mark's niece was over this afternoon. We decided to grab blankets and enjoy some good old Paranormal State on TV. She loves the show and so do I. Mark came home and smiled at us. Imagine us snoozing, the fireplace on and the house smelling good from the candles that were lite. Aaahh I love lazy Saturday afternoons. He tends to get all jealous because he says Mariah and I are so much a like. LOL, love that girl to pieces.

Sometimes I make crazy decisions. My friend Delia was injured and couldn't run her race at the Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon. I offered to run it for her. I did want to run so that I run with my team and most importantly with my pace group.
So here goes...this Sunday RNR LA Half, next Sunday..the Marine Corps Marathon. I can't wait.
10/23 2

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