Oct 25, 2010

Project 365 - 10/24 Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

Each time I see my old team mates I say Yes I am still with TNT. I do love this feeling of belonging to an organization that is doing good for others. Here we are before the marathon. Shiny happy people. :D 

More various team photos. Look...don't we look happy about doing something crazy. I always say 13.1 miles just for fun...

1. Big Picture - this is where the fun begins.
2. Right 1. Rachelle and I. Crazy woman, I didn't even notice she had on all this make up.
3. Right 2. Rachelle, Kim and I.
4. Right 3. Rachel..my Barry's bootcamp buddy. She pushes me through every class. Love ya Rachel!

Picture 1. Rachel, Erin, Erica and me. Amazing ladies with huge hearts!
Picture 2. That is Tony. Tony is a total cutie pie. He is single and drinks whisky to get Frisky. :) Right Tony. All the ladies on the team secretly call him their boyfriend. His number 1 girlfriend is Sue Baker, she has claimed him..or so she says. Good Times I tel you.
Picture 3. That is my friend Yezenia. She text-ed me at around 6:30 in the morning, are you running that crazy race that is blocking the streets of my hood? hahah Yes! She met me somewhere between mile 5 and 6. aaahhh love those green scrubs.


The race itself was beautiful. It had more hills than I would like, but it was fun. I call it my warm up for the Marine Corps Marathon. :)

After the race...we went to the Nickel Diner in Downtown LA. OK I know I am not supposed to have sweets, but I've been good...really good...well partially good. The donut was covered in nutella with crushed toffee. Totally YUMMY and yes Delia it was worth it!!   
Nickel Diner

Last but not least...the medal. Delia thank you for letting me run with your bib. It was an amazing race! Now to pack for DC! I leave in 2 days!!!! I am so excited.


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Sonda T said...

Great job my friend. Hope I can run it with u next time!