Oct 15, 2009


Camp Pendelton's ASYMCA Mud Run..... Yes another mud run and yes I love to get dirty. Earlier tonight I was going through my running gear trying to figure out what costume I wanted to wear. So I decided on Little Nicky's sister. I love the whole "Being Evil Ain't Easy" brewhaha
I know, I know little Nicky didn't have a sister but i can pretend right. So I went to Michael's got me a black t-shirt, got the socks and devils horns at the Halloween store next door.. Now I am set!!!!
Here's hoping my shorts stay on and that my socks don't cause blisters. ;)

On the scrappy side, I have been scrapbooking but my layouts are incomplete. LOL. Bad habit of mine but I'll get there.

On to Halloween..... uumm... I can't decide on what i want to dress up as. For work I am dressing up as a Vampire. For the actual day of Halloween... uumm... I can't decide between Pippi Longstocking and a made up costume representing Day of the Day. I have a tutu... that is it and that is what i am working with. This should be interesting.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

sounds like FUN! :):):):):):):):):)):):):):):):)