Oct 13, 2009

aahh how I love pictures

Saturday Morning -

Who loves running? We do? Maybe. Of course we do. We do it because we care, we do it because we can. Each Saturday morning it's a ritual for us to smile at each other and say.. "Are you ready?" For me it's always amazing to see them cross through our tunnel of love, waving their arms up in the air and doing a WOO HOO I did it. I am so proud of them and so proud to call them my teammates :)

Sunday Morning -

Long Beach Half Marathon: the course was awesome and the weather was perfect. I was a little afraid since I haven't been doing any long mileage training, but in the end I pulled it off. See those amazing ladies below, it was their first time running a half marathon. I think they got the bug..the marathon bug. :)

Someone get me a pen, I have a letter I want to write.

Dear BrightRoom Photography,

Why oh why must you take the most unflattering pictures of me while I run. Next time you insist on taking my picture please allow me to brush my hair, adjust my fuel belts, and put on some lip gloss.

Thank you.

Monday Morning -

So who does this? Who goes to Disneyland after doing a half marathon? ME! Me! and me. LOL. I spent the day with my friend April and her family for her and her nephews birthday. I just love seeing this place through the eyes of a child. I had a blast hanging out with Emily (age 10) and knowing I can act like a big kid and she would think it's totally cool. I've got my season pass... lets do it again!!

And with that I have tons of photos to scrapbook but no time to do it in. This weekend is shot... I sit here and wonder when did my life get so gosh darn busy. I need to start scheduling weekends to myself. Looking at my calender... uumm... I have a few days off coming up!! UUmm.. I'm loving it.

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Melissa :) said...

I am going tomorrow. Want to join me and my 5 1/2 year old?