May 27, 2009

Missing in action

Yep, I've been MIA and this time I have a really good excuse.

I was at a friends all weekend helping out at a charity garage sale. I had another $115 to earn for my fundraising and WOO HOO I did it. Then on Monday I went out to cheer on my friends at the LA Marathon. It's amazing you know, even the fastest runners have issues. Leg cramps, dehydration, name it...we all have the same issues. I always wondered, am I the only one who feels the burn and the pain...and the answer is NO. Doesn't matter how fast or how slow you go...we all hurt. OK yeah sorry I feel so much better knowing that. But let me tell you, those elite runners are so beautiful! Really they are. Just watching them run like the wind... yeah sorry I got lost there for a minute..they are just beautiful.

So...what do you think of the baby shower invite. If you know me you will know I am my own worst critic. I am throwing my friend April a baby shower and wanted to come up with the most perfect baby shower invite. It's simple but there you have it. It's going to be a small shower, is 20 considered small? I think it's small. LOL. Right. I have so much to do, so if any one wants to help please come help me. You know who you are. HELP I've never planned a baby shower.

Off to go MIA again. Work is busy and well I am a little under the weather. I've had a headache that will not go away permanently. It likes to linger and make it's presence known. I refer to it as PITA headache know... pain in the ass.. :]~