Mar 31, 2009

Such a big fan of...

Paranormal State

My family laughs at me. I will not watch scary movies. Friday the 13th....the house at the corner or whatever it's way! I don't dig the whole blood and gore thing, but I love a good spook. =)

But this show I am totally digging it. Because honestly I do believe in ghost, but the good kind. In one way or another I have always felt something. In the house I grew up in I could always tell something was wrong with my parents when I would hear creaking around the house. I would hear footsteps in the hallway, it never scared me but I heard it. In a way I thought it was someone protecting my family and watching over my parents.

My first apartment strange things would happen, for example: Mark's brother was visiting one weekend and they had ordered Pizza. I always make a big stink about putting away the pizza. Well OK imagine this, the pizza box is sitting on the counter but all the pizza is turned over. They thought I did it, I was like I wasn't even here. Dorks.

Then I bought my first house. My bedroom faced the back yard but my back yard spooked me out so I would never open the curtins. You know how you just get that errie feeling. Then this one time I was home alone but you know how you could sense you weren't home alone. I told Mark about this and he didn't want to spook me out but he had said he saw a little girl in the hallway turned away, looked back again and she was gone. SPOOKY huh. Nothing harmful but she was always there. If it were just us that saw this little girl big deal, but my kids had seen her and so had other visiting relatives.

Now on to the current house I live in. I love my house. I hear footsteps, the wood cracks a bit, but I love my house. Is something there? I think so. I see shawdows all the time, does it spook me out. No not really. Sometimes whatever it is hangs out with me in my scraproom. Things fall for no reason. I just look over and say "Not now I am working." HAHAHA My son walked in on me once and asked who was I talking to, I looked at the chair and said my friend. LOL.. he looked at me and thought I was crazy.

So I ask the whole San Fernando Valley haunted, or is it just me?

Yeah too much coffee this morning, but it's getting the brain working. I know I shouldn't drink coffee but I really need to stay awake for today's meetings.

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