Mar 29, 2009

sticking my tongue out at the world

Do you ever want to do that? Tell the world…OK take that! You aren’t going to bring me down. No you are not.

Saturday morning, another team run. LOl don’t laugh so get this, I logged in a total of 24 miles last weekend..yeah jaw dropper huh, you read that right 24 miles. This weekend we had our own version of a half marathon with the team, 13 mile fun run. And it was fun.

I had gone out on Friday and bought the most awesome pair of running shoes. I know I know running shoes? It’s a disease, this marathon training stuff. But them check these beauties.

Pretty aren’t they. I wore them on Saturday and oh my feet felt so comfy and cozy. =)

Came home and decided to relax a bit, I turned on the WE channel and started watching The Locator. Have you seen this show? I was in tears the whole time. The thought of reuniting families just brings me to tears. I know families have secrets for whatever reason but I am a firm believer that if you are looking for someone or wondering how they are doing..reach out to them. Think I will contact Troy Dunn, there is someone I have never met but I hear they exist and I would love to meet them. *sigh* now I am in tears just thinking about it.

So after all my afternoon crying I went out Saturday night. YIPPIE. My former co-worker Kevin made a life changing decision, he sold everything he had here in the states and is moving to Brazil. WOW is all I can say. I had a blast at his going away party. He had the most gorgeous Samba Dancers and I loved just hanging out with old friends and laughing the night away.

Sunday, Sunday, it’s supposed to be a lazy Sunday right? Not on your life. That never happens to me. From doing laundry to grocery shopping I decided I wanted to go to the movies! I’ve seen the commercials for Monsters vs. Aliens and it just looked adorable. I got my youngest to come watch it with me. It is as cute as everyone says, and for once I am happy to be named Susan. LOL.

And the best movie EEVVAAHHH "Spirit of the Marathon". Spirit of the Marathon is an amazing film that follows the lives of six runners preparing for the Chicago Marathon. Each runner had a different reason for running, this film goes from start to finish. It is an amazing documentary, while watching it I truly felt connected to each and every runner. There is a quote I will never forget "When you cross that finish line, no matter how fast or how slow, it will change your life forever." This is so true! Another one that I totally loved "I Know, I'm Slow, GET OVER IT." That is my quote, going to get some t-shirts done of this. LOL

I've gotten a few feel good emails this weekend. Really bringing back my confidence in myself. Snicker snicker will talk about it later.


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