Jul 16, 2008

I forgot all about my blog...

Yes I did. It's not like I have been busy.. well then again I have been. My sister 'Bridezilla' informed me and my mom last week sometime that we had to throw her a bridal shower. Well.. thing is, isn't that the maid of honor's job? Well she doesn't have one.. so off we go. So I've been busy planning and the bridal shower is on Sunday. We planned it Mexican Style, we gave everyone 5 days notice! LOL.

I just have to share this photo. Took it with my men on Saturday Night. Aren't they so handsome. Is it bad for a mom to think their sons are so handsome? Handsome they maybe but brats still. That is a whole other story.
the mama and her boys

On the scrappy side, I finally completed my girl power Book. I love how it came out, I can't decided if I want my niece to have it or not. I'm so selfish. =)

I haven't talked about my marathon training lately, but let me tell it I am having an amazing time! Last week was 10 miles, and this week is 12... but hahah I won't be running with the team. I have water stop duty! WOOHOO!!! I am going to have the BEST WATER STOP EVER.
This was my water stop last time I did it.
SFVTNT Fall Team 06_14_2008 050
SFVTNT Fall Team 06_14_2008 049
But for this weekend I have some new ideas!!!

I'll be back soon.. and don't forget to scrap those toes!!! You have until the end of the month. Also if you haven't check out the Magistical Memories Message Board Forum.. there are a few surprises going on over there. What do you mean you didn't know Magistical Memories had a message board forum! OK here is the link. Magistical Memories Forum. Now go over and sign up. Crystle is always having lots of fun challenges and there is always free chipboard to be won. =)


Melissa :) said...

Love the picture of you and the boys. So happy together.

Glenda T. said...
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Glenda T. said...

Your boys are totally gorgeous and I don't blame you for wanting to keep that mini cause it rocks the kazba!!!

ps. that was me that deleted the comment above because I did a spelling mistake. Why can't blogger make it so we can edit??

SLUSH said...

seriously girl....did you have those boys like when you were three??? YOU SO DO NOT LOOK old enough to have two handsome men!!!!! For reals!!!