Jul 1, 2008

A RAK with a Twist

So you know CHA is coming up and even though I won't be attending CHA and nor will Magistical Memories, we are still coming out with a CHA Release. *INSERT BIG CHEESY SMILE HERE*. So I was told I could give away... the whole my whole release.

I will give away my entire release to one person. Yep one person but there is a twist on this. What is the twist... scrap your toes. Don't get scared. People often wonder what is it with my fascination with toes. Well honestly it's not that I am fascinated with toes or anything, it's that I like my toes. They are cute, short, and chubby - I love my toes.

So do you want a RAK of my new release? This is what you will get.

1. Mushroom mini chipboard book

2. Airplane mini chipboard book

3. Girl Skull chipboard book

4. Boy Skull chipboard book

5. Winged heart chipboard ornament

OK so this is what you need to do. Show your toes some love.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Take a picture of your toes and admire their beauty.

2. Write a poem about your toes.

3. If you happen to have little ones, take a picture of your toes with theirs. OOOHH that would be a beautiful layout.

4. Again if you have little ones, have them draw a picture of your toes.

Yeah I'm a toe loving freak, but I only love 4 pairs of toes. I love MARK's toes the best. He can pick up things with his toes, I can hold hands with his toes, I just LOVE THEM. My toes don't' bend at all, honestly they do nothing special but look cute. Then you have my boys' toes, I love them simply because I gave birth to those toes. LOL. I look at them now and wonder where has the time gone... OK I'm starting to get all sappy here.. so you get where I'm going right.

So anyway, scrap, take pictures, write a poem, draw your toes, do anything with them and then post a link here. You have until .... uumm... the end of July. Yeah end of July is good.

Here is a layout I did a while back. See I told you they were cute toes.


Anonymous said...

Bucket- this is such a cute contest ..guess what?? I just got a pedicure today :) Will be sure to take pics and scrap them .. Hugs ~ Scrappy Val

PS Crop Binge was awesome because of the wonderful women that came - that includes you !!!

Sue said...

You're such a crack up Bucket!! That's why we LOVE ya so much :) I'll see if I can rise to your challenge...although I have u g l y toes, LOL!!!

Glenda Tkalac said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you? Oh, and that you have cute toes?? I'll see what I can do here but I think I may have to do some trimming and painting!! haha

Erin Bassett said...

Well I gotta do this challenge! Can't wait to see everyone else's LOs. :D

~Shirley said...

what a fun contest and Awesome blog! Glenda pointed me your way. Here are my toes!

Thanks!! ;o)

Jill Deiling said...

hahaha, bucket you are sooo funny!! :D What an awesome challenge, i love your layout!

Norma Kennedy said...

hahaha Im loving this challenge 1 Nope this one I have not scrapped about yet so Im all over it !


Glenda Tkalac said...

Ok, I can't believe I did it but here it is:

Now you see why I don't scrap my toes much! Yours are waaaayyyy cuter than mine!! haha

Sue said...

got mine scrapped.....


Sue said...

OOPS....here's a better link


Greta Adams said...

oh good grief...i need a pedicute bad bad bad.... hope to get this done tomorrow

Shannon said...

OK Bucket...here ya go...(ps...I totally had a blast with this!!!)