Jun 11, 2008

blah blah blah

So why blah blah... well because I have so much to say and no time to do it in. I am overwhelmed at work, overwhelmed at home... shit I am just overwhelmed. So here are a few things. Sorry for the boring post but here goes....

Look I scrapped a bit. Just a little bit. It's not quite finished but I wanted to show a picture of it. More to come sometime this week.

Today is his day! My baby boy is graduating High School in a few hours. I want to run and yell at the top of my lungs, I AM SO PROUD TO BE YOUR MAMA! He is an amazing man...wowowhhh... is he a man. I mean.. tomorrow is his birthday too and he is turning 18. He is a man isn't he. OH SHIT! Yeah it is hitting me.. he is a man. OK tito bring me a tissue!

Look at my aunt Maggie here. Today is her 50th Birthday. Yes my aunt is really 50 years old! She is so "Sex & the City" isn't she. Look here I also made her an apron for her birthday... Aunt Maggie I want some banana pancakes =) She makes the best pancakes in the world! At least my boys think so.

So I'm off... I'm wrapping things up at work so I can get going and run home and get dressed for the graduation. I am going to be the mama with a brace on her knee. LOL what happened? Well put it to you this way, after a marathon they say you should rest at least 2 weeks before even thinking of doing anything. Well I basically went from one team to another and my new team was already practicing. So I ran with them this past Saturday. I figured it's only 4 miles I should be OK. Yeah right! So now I am more crippled them ever and walking around with a big old lady limp and a thingie on my knee. I hope my dress covers it today, if I take it off it hurts like a mother so I need to leave it on.

Oh I am going to cry... my baby boy is graduating High School!

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