Jun 12, 2008

How did this happen?

4 years ago I was at Johnny's 8th grade graduation. Look at him, he looked like such a baby! I couldn't imagine my baby going off to High school!

My mom always told me, mija you watch one day your babies will grow up and you will see what I went through. It was hard for me to see you grow up and now your a mother and your time will come. I use to say yeah Mom whatever I still have a long ways to go. Yeah right!

And now look at him! ->
I love this photo, I feel that it truly shows his true feelings! I can only imagine him saying YEAH BABY!

This morning I sat here thinking, why can't I let go? Why is it so hard to be a mom and watch your child grow.

Then I started thinking about my parents and the heartache I put them through. First I barely graduated High School. I didn't care, didn't want to do my school work, all I wanted was to have fun. So what did I do? I join the military. I figured this was my ticket out of here! But then here I have my son, who wants so badly to go away for school and I am finding it so heartbreaking. Then I remember my emotions at that age and yes I understand a bit more now.

All I want is the best for the son. I put this on his graduation party invites and I truly feel this expresses how I feel.

I held him in my arms on the day he was born

Dreamed about his future

And the things that he would learn

Now he stands before me

A boy almost a man

I find myself reluctant to

Let go of his hand

But nothing can diminish the

Pride that's in my heart

Least of all the Knowledge

That it's time for us to part

So now I give my son

The space to find his way

And celebrate the future

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~shirley said...

wow!! Congrats to your son!

I am enjoying your blog and I too will have my 20 yr this summer and my son also just graduated high school!! I love the photo and the poem!!!