Feb 8, 2008

Making your own Photoshop brushes

The other day I was playing around with some of my stamps and had this 'wow' moment, wouldn't an owl look cute on a digital layout. So I decided to make some into brushes. Here is a quick tutorial I wrote up on how to do it. I hope you enjoy it.

Start out by stamping your bushes on plain white paper. Try to get the best stamped image possible.

Scan in your image at a 300 resolution, and black & white document. See example below.

Zoom in on the first image you would like to select as your stamp, and select the image using your lasso tool. See example below.

Copy the selection and paste into a new window. Short cut keys: Ctrl – C, Ctrl – N, Ctrl – V.
Take your magic eraser tool, or whatever tool you prefer to use to erase the white background.

Here is an example of my cleaned up image.

As you can tell my stamping wasn’t clear enough. If you’d like, you can take one of your basic circle brushes and just clean up your image a bit.

Once you feel your image is ready, let’s start creating your Photo shop brushes.

1. Click on Edit – Define Brush Preset.

2. Give your brush a name

Continue this until you have created all your brushes.

In order to save this brush set you will have to delete all the other brushes that are currently in the brush set. To do this, click on the brush selector tool and randomly delete the miscellaneous brushes in this set. See example below.

Once you have completed this you can then save your brush set.

Click on Brush Preset button, Save Brushes. Give your brushes a name. In the future when you want to bring up your favorite stamped brushes they will be saved on your computer.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. :-)

-bucket :-)~


Kimmie said...

thanks i think i will try this tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hi I found your blog by searching on Google for "cute owls mod" I was wondering if you would consider making this owl set downloadable?
I'm thinking of making a set of Mommy Calling cards and would love to add these little owls to them!

Thanks for considering, come by and visit any time ;)

Keiko said...

I'd love these brushes too! I'm curious... have you made them available for downloading?
Thank you