Feb 27, 2008

Another Marathon?

Did I tell you I was training for another marathon? No. Really? I thought I did.
Did I tell you I was fundraising again? No? Really? I thought I did.
Have I told you lately you are awesome and that I'd do anything for you? No? Really? I thought I did.
These are my conservations lately. I think I tell someone something and in my thoughts I did tell them.. but then I didn't.
Well I am doing another marathon. I'd love to go back to Alaska, but not this year. I'll be training with Team in Training to do the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon. This is my 3rd year out there, but it will be my first doing the full marathon. My last two years I've only ran the half, so this year I'd doing the full.
Also this year is a bit different for me. I'm running in honor of my aunt Andrea. While she may not have a blood cancer she is fighting cancer. So if you can please help. All I'm asking for is $5. Yeah $5 is easy right. Well I figure if my friends, and their friends, and their friends donate $5 that I should be able to meet my goal. So can you help me out?

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