Aug 23, 2010

Suddenly it's hitting me

Reading the newsletter and realizing I have 69 more days until the marathon. WOW. Anxiety is hitting and WHY? Well because I missed a 14 mile training run this weekend. I only completed 5 miles and I told myself no slacking. I've been doing OK, but need to do better. I need to get my coach to kick my butt in gear. Mark are you reading this? You aren't doing your job and I may need to fire you.

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NancyJones said...

ya but knowing you.. you will make up for it and then some!go bucket!!!!
I saw a piece on the dr's today where this girl is running cross country to raise money for multiple sclerosis.. the disease I fight every day. I broke down in tears. she doesnt have it her mom does her mom can barely walk she is in a wheel chair and has seizures now. I remember a time when I used to run and do all kinda cool fun stuff. Now I cheer yall on. and live vicariously through others on blogs and through this damn computer. I totally lost it. but man I was so proud of that girl as I am so proud of my bucket!!!! xoxoxo