Aug 23, 2010

Project 365 - 3/23 same old, same old..

Everyday I eat salads for lunch - not because I want to, but because I have to. Someone help I've tried making them exciting, telling myself oh YUM this is the best salad ever. Where what I really crave is a slice of pizza or maybe some tasty Chinese food...oh wait..scratch all that..give me a butterfinger. Honestly I don't normally crave any of that stuff, just knowing I shouldn't have it makes me crave it. So yeah back to my salad..oh YUM.. spring mix greens with chicken, cucumber, cranberries, feta cheese...oh YUM... yeah Gross. I'm not falling for it either, but yes I ate it and my tummy is happy for it.

What am I reading? Names my Sisters call me. Recommended by my little sister. She gave it to me and said here read it, I think you need to read it. UUmm.... hint hint I suppose.  

Basically it's about relationships, sisters mainly, the fighting, the drama, and the one being stuck in the middle. So here I am reading it, reading it very slowly. Finally on chapter 4 after 3 weeks of having it. Here's to hoping it gets better soon. These chicks have nothing on me and my sisters. Just saying. :)~

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Christine said...

Oh Bucket!! Honestly, whenever I eat a salad, I crave chocolate (must have balance!!)

Try spinach with strawberries or mandarin oranges and pine nuts; gives it a sweet yummy taste!