Jun 11, 2010

project 365 - 6/10 I *heart* my tia Andrea


On Tuesday I got this feeling that I should go visit my aunt, she is only 5 minutes away. I walked in the house, gave my aunt a kiss and she just looked at me and smiled. It felt good to be there.

Thursday afternoon I get a phone call from my mom, go give your aunt Tami a hug. I asked, what is wrong? Your tia Andrea went into a coma and it's a hard time for us, so do me a favor and go give her a hug. Oh the tears, and at work...not uncommon for me lately, but ugh!

Pic #1 is Roxy. That dog will not leave my aunt's side. Pic #2, Don Rodriguez. Interesting story about this man. He attends the same church my aunt does. A little after she got sick her friend, Don Rodriguez, also got sick. He has prostate cancer and was living alone and really needed support so he came to live in my aunts extra room. So here are these 2 people, both with cancer, taking care of each other. I always describe him as being heaven sent. He has stayed next to my aunt through it all. he makes sure she eats, takes her medication, he is there just so that she has someone to talk to. He really is amazing.

My friends keep telling me to celebrate the good times. It's just hard. I don't claim to be good at this stuff. For me it's just easier to cry in dark and punch the dark as if I am punching Cancer in the ass..........

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