May 21, 2010

Scrapping last Friday

Finally posting my layouts from last Friday, could have sworn I worked on more, but maybe not. 3 in 4 hours is good right. Yeah Right.

My 40th Birthday Surprise Party
My family threw me the most amazing surprise party. My sister Veronica knew I had this thing with wanting an Alice in Wonderland party. She along with the help of Mark and my little sister Diana, they threw me the party I always wanted. Could never thank them enough.

The most beautiful baby in the world Audrey. Yeah sorry, I can't say it enough, I love this girl.
And look...Basic Grey. I want so much to love Basic Grey. I have so much trouble using it, that is why I have it. Huh? What? Well the way I see it, it pulls me out of my comfort zone. I am trying and I kind of like it. But still have to admit it 's not the first line of paper I pull out when scrapbooking.

Me and the most amazing women I know, Bridget & Lauren.
You have to know them to understand why I think they are amazing. It's not that they laugh at my jokes, because really I am not funny. It's not that I run fast like them, because really I am the slowest wanna be marathoner on earth. It's because they inspire me, they have such big hearts and for that reason I say they are amazing.

always picture time

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