Sep 9, 2009

Weekend fun

OK take 2. I started this post yesterday but never got a chance to complete it. Crazy Busy ..that describes me right now....on to my blog post..........

If you call cleaning fun..then I had a blast this weekend. I finally got all my stuff moved over from my old scraproom to my new scraproom. The new room is actually a lot larger then the old one.I still haven't finished cleaning..but I am in no rush. As long as all my stuff has been moved over I will eventually organize everything. I just have to figure out a way to get Mark's weight set out of the room. Any ideas? and umm... if I could get his computer out of there too that would be great. Actually if I could just get Mark out of there that would be even better. Poor Mark he doesn't know what he got himself into when he agree to share an office space with me. Remember Milton from Office Space, how eventually he is stuck in a room with with no walls, nothing but his swingline stapler.hahaha

work in progress

Saturday morning I went on a small run with my team over at Santa Monica Beach. I swear I run with the best group of women ever. Group 5 is #1.... I'm the (insert the loudest laugh ever) pace group leader. It's more like they lead me, but it's awesome you know. I always chat about silly things and in the end it's like..hey we just did 6 miles how do you feel? It's always a wow moment. First 6 miles is always good, 10 miles is always better, 15 miles getting there, 20 miles is always the best. Can't wait to reach that milestone with them.

Santa Monica Beach_run

Saturday night I did something totally out of my comfort zone. I had received a facebook invite for a Calavera Fashion Show & Walking Altars fundraiser. Something different and totally called my attention. I convinced my cousin Espi, my sister Diana, and my new roommate/little sister Uri to join me. We drank some home made Sangria, ate some vegan Tamales and enjoyed some wonderful live music. All in all it was a great night! I can't wait for the fashion show now. For a special treat they brought in some artist from last years show. The costumes are amazing. I just can't imagine all the time it takes to create one of these. You'd have to see one of these in real life to know what I am talking about.


Sunday Night we headed out to Howl at the Moon in City Walk for Mark's cousins birthday party. I had never been and really enjoyed myself. I was telling a friend that all I got was one margarita .. because I am getting old and can't hold my liquor. LOL.

Camille's Bday

Monday.... all I wanted to do was lay in the pool. I had so much to do at home still that I didn't get a chance to head in there until something like 4:00 pm and by then it was getting chilly. =(

Well let me rephrase that...chilly for me. If it's 100 degrees outside but the wind is blowing and I'm in the pool, wet, then it's chilly for me.

So it was just me and my pear cider hanging by the pool. I wanted to freak my mom out and let her think I was drinking straight out of the bottle... lol it worked. I said Mom go ahead take a swig from it, she looked at the bottle and laughed because it was cider.

labor day 2009

Work is work. Changes are still happening and Iam thinking that maybe a bottle of cider isn't going to cut it anymore. I'm going for the hard stuff . . Boones Farm =)

Good thing, the weekend is almost here. Looking forward to some Margaritas and Taco's at my friend Anna's house this weekend. Saturday I am heading out to San Diego for a friends 40th Birthday. But before all this...looking forward to my butt kicking workout tonight.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

AWESOME photos!!!!! Looks like a GREAT weekend!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE what U did with the scrap space...and those COSTUMES are AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)