Sep 11, 2009

blah blah blah

Wake up, come to work, put on a happy face, I am here way to early. I decided to kill some time and play Bejeweled on Facebook. I really...really dislike this game. It is so darn addicting. The colors, the sound, it all sucks me in. In Yoga class I laid down, closed my eyes, all I saw were these bright squares and me in my head trying to create groups of three with them. Like I said the game just sucks you in. I've never been a big video game fan...but look at me now.. Like I said I really...really dislike this game. And since I was here so early today I decided to do some digital art kit shopping at All I wanted was some grunge looking frames. Really that is all I went in looking for, nothing more. I swear I wasn't going to buy anything else....then.... *sigh* I saw these digital kits. LOOK AT THEM!!! So me don't you think??

Graffiti Girl

Adelaide And Amelia

I have purchased other kits from the artist, Christine Honsinger, and have totally loved them. UUUMMM... I have ideas spinning in my head... aaahh how I miss my digital art.

and with that I am off.... it's time to clean my desk and get to business.

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