May 15, 2009

And my birthday week continues

Monday 5/11 The Boys make dinner
they can cook
Earlier in the day I had gone out to Lunch with my co-workers so I asked the boys if we could just stay home and cook. Love them to pieces, I know I say that a lot but I really do. They are funny, adorable, and they have the greatest personalities. That evening we also went to go get Josh a Tux for prom. Still don't have all the details on this prom business, I swear why is it so hard to get all the information on Prom? Will you not look cool asking your friends for details. Argh the child!

Tuesday 5/12 Out to dinner with my friend Marjorie at 1810 in Pasadena, CA.
dinner with Marjorie
1810 is an Argentinian Restaurant in Pasadena..omg it was so delicious. I had Grilled Vegetables, mashed potatoes and rice. We ate so much, talked a lot, laughed even more, I was sad when it was over. We even headed on over to one of my favorite paper stores Paper Source.

Wednesday 5/13 The Ellen DeGeneres Show with my BFF Sue Baker
The Ellen show with Sue

It was so cute, Sue was so excited and has been excited for about 2 months now. We have a former teammate who works on the show and he got us VIP passes. The show we got to see had Kelly Clarkson as a guest. Anderson Cooper was also on it but his segment was filmed oh well. I watched the show and kept looking for a 1 second glimpse of me, nothing. I realized that I was standing behind a tall person and you couldn't see me anyway. I saw everybody else in my group, but nope not me. Thanks a lot TALL PEOPLE!! LOL yeah I was laughing after I saw it. All in all it was a lot of fun.

Thursday 5/14 Out with Susie for a banana split
bday_banana_split I did take a picture of Susie and her brownie a la mode, but it was very unflattering and I did not want to post it here. On the contrary to what some people say..I don't post ugly pictures. LOL.

Now it's Friday and I have a movie night date at home, and tomorrow uumm.. maybe another movie and dinner night, still haven't decided. Then on Sunday I am going to a picnic in the park to meet some friends.

To be honest I would love to take a day off and just spend it by the pool. I need sunshine. =) Actually I need a tan. My marathon teammates have been having a good laugh at me, I have this funky tan. Imagine this, my legs are only tanned in between my knee and ankles - I wear capri running pants. So imagine by the pool, reading my favorite book, with a pitcher of Margarita next to me. Yes.. that is exactly what I need. Umm.. maybe early Sunday morning..maybe.

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