Apr 24, 2009

Is it 18 or is it 20 miles tomorrow??

<- That's me the short one in the middle next to all those giants. This picture was taken last Saturday after our 'supposedly' 8 mile recovery 'trail' run. Our coach...she's a mean one. =)

I am so ready for this Saturday, I know I am one of the lucky ones, the one that has crossed that finish line, the one that knows the feeling of what it's like to complete a marathon. I cry, yes I cry, each and every time I cross that finish line. I can't wait to see my fellow participants cross their next milestone. Tomorrow morning will be the first time ever some of them have completed a run this far. 18 miles, 20 miles.... I can't wait!!

Tonight I want to go home and scrapbook. I have a layout itching in my head that I just want to get down on paper. It's me, it's Friday and I am so ready to get home put on some comfy clothes and relax. It's been a really busy week at work and scrapbooking is something that really relaxes me.

I've been wanting to post this for a while, but if you local to the San Fernando Valley my friend and our team coach, Bridget runs a bootcamp on Thursday Nights. It's a lot of fun and I give you permision to come on out and make fun of me. LOL. This picture here is of me and my friend Chely. She was actually my Web Captain when I first joined TNT. Funny story, I saw her in my building and immediately recognized her. I was like hey I know you from somewhere. LOL. I am babbling I know. I just wanted to post a picture on here.
So here goes... if your still reading THANK YOU! I am fundrasing, it's kind of last minute but there is a reason for it. I slacked and waited to long to sign up for the Seattle Rock n Roll marathon. No one elses fault but my own. So my friend Christy found a way we could get in. We would have to fundraise a minimun of $500 for the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. Whatever way you look at it, CANCER SUCKS! So if you happen to have an extra $1 or $2 or maybe even a $5 care to help me kick cancer where it hurts?? Check out my site -> See Bucket Run.
Thanks for taking the time to check out my site. I swear last night as I was writing it I would write a few words..stop and cry..write a few more..stop and cry a few more. You have to read it to understand what I am talking about. Augh see now I am crying again.
Thanks and have a great weekend. On Sunday please check out Scrapping the Music Blog. Can't wait to see what you think about my next layou. It's very much on the silly side. =)

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