Apr 10, 2009

Have you checked out Hulu.com? No? OMG one of the participants on my team told me about this site. You can watch some/not all but some of your favorite shows on here. I love...and I mean love Ghost Hunters. I've been catching up on all my past shows. You ask..Bucket how do you do this when you have to work? I do it. I minimize the window and watch in the corner of my screen. It keeps me occupied and I am actually getting more work done this way. I won't try to explain it, but I just get more work done this way.

It's a slow Friday so I am surfing the web and looking for some inspiration. While doing that look what I found.

Phunk Lab - Isn't that the coolest! Thinking I may do something like this for my parents anniversary. I have this awesome photo of them when they first met. Getting some great ideas here.

There are the cutest birds on this site. I want them all. April if you are reading this....LOL. Love you too.
So have you checked out Scrappingthemusic.blogspot.com yet? I completed my next Guest DT assignment. It's one of my favorites so far, when you see it you will know why. Look for it on Sunday at the site.
Besides that, tomorrow is our teams 16 mile run. It should be a nice cool day for it. I am ready - mentally but not physically. I took a Pilate's class yesterday afternoon and then did Bridget's boot camp last night.. I admit I am little sore. Lets hope it goes away by tomorrow. 8)~
I'm off. Leaving work early. =) Going to go have lunch with April and her baby bump. I can't wait to see her. It's been way to long.

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