Mar 9, 2009


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We wake up early on Saturday mornings. We like to run/walk marathons. Are we crazy? Probably. Do we love it? OF COURSE!! This picture here is of the teams current Support Staff. They are an amazing bunch and they are all so dedicated to finding a cure to this awful disease know as CANCER. My family looks at me leave the house every Saturday Morning at 6:00 am, they shake their head and ask "Are you going running today?" they say this as they look up at the sky (looks like rain) or they say this as they are shivering with cold. I say "Yep...we are only doing 5 miles today." I say it with a smile and they just laugh. I am amazed with my team. The participants are amazed with themselves. For most it's the first time they have ever ran more then 2 miles. I look at them, hug them and very proud of yourself you just did 5 miles today. They smile and almost cry, they can't believe it. I just tell them...this is just the beginning of your addiction. LOL. I say yeah, it's an addiction.

Sue Baker Iron Bruin Triathlon 2009

This past weekend I went with my BFF Sue Baker to her 1st ever Triathlon. She did the UCLA Iron Bruin Triathlon. As we were picking up her race packet we were talking to the event coordinators. They saw our TNT shirts and said oh wow, you all do Marathons? I smiled and said "oh yeah, to me that is much more easier then doing a Triathlon." They just laughed and said OK you haven't done a Triathlon yet have you? I was like NO WAY! They said well I will never do a marathon so kudos to you. How funny huh. So now after watching Sue do her Triathlon I am so inspired to do one and plan to do one before the year is up. My friend Karina mentioned an all women Triathlon, The Danskin Triathlon in Disneyland ( I told myself that before I turned 40 I want to compete in a triathlon, so this is it. WOW Who knew this lazy girl would ever compete in these endurance events... I am so excited. The triathlon isn't until September/October which gives me plenty of time to train for the swimming and biking portion of the event. aaahhh...goals. I CAN'T WAIT!

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