Feb 9, 2009

Not enough hours in a day!!

Blog? Blog about what? LOL

Surf City 1/2 Marathon. All I have to say, if you have ever wanted to do a marathon this is one to do. The course was beautiful and the course support was awesome! I really love doing 1/2 marathons. I know to some it's kinda like what... you like running 13.1 miles. YES I DO. It's the most awesome feeling to say, yeah I can do it. But to be honest I was in a lot of pain afterwards. I hardly trained - which I don't recommend to anyone - and well I got what I deserved. A sore foot and a sore body. Well I will say this, I am getting better at doing this. I have another one coming up in March - Great Race of Agoura Hills and there was another one. I can't remember right now. I am going to Seattle! I have to work it where hopefully I can make a mini vacation out of it. I kind of want to do the San Diego Full and then do the Seattle half marathon. Just that the San Diego Full course is gets really boring around mile 19 - 25. So boring this is where most people hit the wall. The wall? Where you tell yourself.. This is it.. I am not going to move anymore... don't tell me I am doing great..I am not doing great... I am going to die. LOL. Yeah it gets pretty bad. So... that is my goal for the next few months. Train for the San Diego full and the Seattle Half. Oh wait somewhere in between there I am also doing the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. June is going to be a busy month for me. I AM EXCITED!

On the scrappy side, I've still been completing the challenges for Scrapping the music blog, but have just been a little late in getting them uploaded. What can I say?

Challenge #71 - I'll be your mirror
I've had this picture for a while and have been wanting to scrap it. The dogs are my sisters dogs - Hershey and Capone. Capone follows Hershey around everywhere, I think it's adorable. How I captured this photo I will never know, but aren't they adorable? BTW Capone is the smaller dog, he is a little terror but I just love him. =)


And this layout below I think was challenge #69 - Rainbow.

I actually messed up on it and tried covering it up. I don't like it but I'll post it on here anyway. It's going straight into my "FUGLY" pile. LOL. TFL.


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papelytijeras said...

You are one crazy chick. Running for me is a nightmare. But I'm proud of you...you go girl. Hopefully will see you this weekend. :)