Dec 27, 2008

It's been a while...

Christmas 2008... my favorite photos

The holidays always put me in this really weird mood. I want to be around my family but then again I don't. I can't explain it, but I tend to withdraw more and more every year. It's just me, I don't want to be bothered. This year was no different. Too many questions are asked and I just smile and walk away. It's better that way.

I love to be different On to my silly canvas. I had bought Josh this canvas a while back and it was just sitting in this room collecting dust, so I decided to snatch it away. I just started painting and I really wasn't sure what to do with it. All I knew is that I wanted to put it up in my scraproom but I wasn't sure what I wanted to it to say. Then I looked over at my silly skull and knew I wanted to add it to my canvas. In the end all I wrote on it... i love to be different. In away it really is me. When it comes to scrapbooking I don't want to do what everyone else is doing I want something different. I don't like the traditional I like the funky. Funky different. LOL. Yeah that is me. Speaking of which... I guess that explains the silly gifts I got for Christmas.

I have one more week of vacation left, scrapbooking has been the last thing on my mind. I've been cleaning like a mad woman. I moved my room around, cleaned out my closet (I have way to many clothes), and next week I was going to clean out my hallway closet... was.. but nah. My niece and nephew are visiting so I think we will take some field trips instead. =) Tired of being at home, it's time to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

xoxo, bucket

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Glenda T. said...

Sue you are so funny, don't you ever change! I can be like that myself sometimes and always say that I'm a little like a hermit. Being alone doesn't bother me too much. Love your canvas and I too love being different. It reminds me of this quote "Don't you forget that you are unique, just like everyone else". hahaha! Happy New Year buddy!