Dec 9, 2008

Did I forget to mention....

I ran another half marathon this weekend? *YES I DID*. Been training a little harder. Attending boot camps and speed training workouts. I must say it has totally made a difference.
<- In this picture here it's me and my friend Erin 'pretending' to do the salt lick. After a race I always taste like salt. Yeah TMI huh.

I did the City of Angels half marathon this past Sunday(12/7/08). It is an amazing race. It starts off at Griffith Park, runs through Silverlake, up the historic Hyperion Bridge, through Echo Park, and then ends in Downtown Los Angeles. We go through this tunnel, I think it's on 4th Street. I always remember this tunnel because my mom would purposely drive through it and tell us that this is the tunnel she and my dad drove through when they got married... so adorable huh.
My next race isn't until February, so well see how that one goes. I'm addicted! I can't explain the feeling, I just love it. *CHEESE*
As far as scrapping... gosh where oh where has my mojo gone? Just not feeling creative lately. I had a lot of goals planned but right now everything is on hold. It's OK, just trying to iron out some wrinkles and get a hold on life.I'm in no hurry, if it's meant to be it will happen. Right... right. =)

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papelytijeras said...

Congrats on another marathon you running addict. I'm there with you about the mojo. Been trying but it just won't come out...I'm stuck. I need a VACATION or Bacashion as my son calls it. Hope you have a great day! :)