Oct 27, 2008

So what can I say…

I am lazy. Ever since I can back from the marathon I have been resting up from blog posting. I get overwhelmed with everything happening around me that posting to my blog is the least of my worries. So here I am trying to play catch up.

The Marathon

WAS AMAZING! I had the most fun ever. I flew up there with my friends Christina, Karen, Sue, Bridget and Tracy. We all met up at 9:00 am for our flight from Burbank to Oakland. We then took the bart from Oakland to San Francisco. I have never been on the bart so for me it was a real treat. Public transportation… gotta love it. Yeah I know for some it’s a daily occurrence, but for me it was a real treat. We got there on Friday and went on down to the Nike Expo, picked up our packets, did a little bit of shopping and met up with some friends for dinner. Saturday, more walking, more shopping, and the coolest thing ever I got to spend some time with Laura Fiore. Just love her to pieces. If you know her you will know what I mean. The plan was for us to go eat Sushi for lunch, but instead I think her plan was for me to do some hill repeats training (this is when you go up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill). Oh can’t forget I went on my first cable car ride too, I was singing to myself “Rice-a-Roni the San Francisco Treat” the whole time. Yeah I know silly, but you know me.


Thank you Laura! You are the best, best next time I don't want to walk up hills, and there is no way I am posting those pictures of me that you took. Sorry... I saw those and said.. omg.. hahaha. On a good note.. that really was the best BLT I ever had.

OK back to the marathon.

Sunday morning I am up at 4:30 am, I just couldn't sleep anymore. My stomach always tends to do circles before a race. At least it did circles early this time and I wasn’t running to the port-a-pottys right before the race. So I get to Union Square (start line) at 6:15 am. I am frantically running around looking for my running partner. Seriously, I found her maybe 10 minutes before the race started and I almost cried. I didn’t want to run alone, I have issues with being alone, so when I finally found her I was almost in tears. She hugged me, and I hugged her back, life was good once again. I know don’t laugh.


So off we started… heading towards Fishersman Wharf, towards Lombard Street. Then I look over to my left, wait that is the street I walked up yesterday, I think it’s Haight or something like that. I don’t know, can’t remember the name, just know that was not a pretty hill to walk up – especially because Saturday was such a warm day, and I had been drinking a lot of water… so I had to go pee… (said in my best Forest Gump impression). So I won’t go into details, because honestly I am not the best writer ever and whatever.. all I will say is loved every minute of it. The hills were fantastic… all 13 miles of them. Yep.. 13 miles of hills. Oh did I forget to mention I only ran the Half marathon? Due to time constraints I only did the half. Next time I’ll do the full.. but anyway.. it was amazing. Lots and lots of hills but still lots of fun. Our official finish time was 3 hours and 24 minutes minus 10 minutes of potty breaks and stops, so the I would say the "bucket official finish" time was 3 hours and 14 minutes. LOL. Yeah those 10 minutes do make a difference, don't you think. Here are some photos of me... yucko!! I hate how I look in my running gear.. but look at my smile =)

SF_Picnik collage

I really did have a blast, and I have been wearing my medal all week. I don't think I will ever take it off. It's nice to have a necklace as a medal.. it goes with everything and is oh so pretty. =)

Krystal's Sweet 16th Birthday

Oh look at these photos...

Krystal's 16th Birthday Collage

This is all I got before my camera battery died. Yeah leave it to the scrapbooker to not charge her camera battery. I am so mad! My niece Krystal had the cutest birthday party decorations and the cutest cake... nothing caught for memories sake. I don't even think my sister had her camera out. Oh well! I did have a great time. I danced and hopefully didn't embarrass her much. I even saw my Joshua dancing. Yes he dances and smiles. LOL. It was actually kind of cute. I think he is dating my nieces friend, but not really sure. She was all over him, going where he went and not letting him be alone. I was even told her myspace profile name is Mrs. Rodriguez... oh vey.. whatever. She lives 2 hours away so that is a good thing.

Came home early on Sunday and started working on my mini-book for the mini mania blog. I had the idea in my head just hadn't any time to do it. I attended the Ontario scrapbook Expo on Saturday and came home totally inspired and ready to work! OK now to make time to work on me stuff. UUmm...this week isn't looking too good, maybe this weekend. LOL.

The hair

How often do you cut your hair? I know silly question when all I do is talk to myself. Well self.. you should cut it every 6 weeks...well it's been a while - 3 months to be exact. So tired of dying it black. So tired of my bangs.. but I can't live without them. I actually do want to let my hair grow out just a bit longer, but tired of the same old look. I am getting that itch, looking for a new hair cut and maybe I'll add in some color. It really is long... down to middle of my back. Yeah that is long for me. But I can't cut it short or else I'll look like a chia-pet - DON'T LAUGH it's true.

OK enough of my gibber jabber. Back to drawing board.. and yeah let me tell you there is lots in there. =) *BIG SIMLE*

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Susan said...

So glad you had a good time at the marathon. Kuddos to all that can go up and down all of those hills...whew...tired just thinking about them ;-) I can so see you singing the rice-a-roni song! LOL