Oct 29, 2008

New Hairstyles??

In my last post I talked about my need for a new look. Seriously I have had the same look for almost 2 years. It was shorter and longer at times but always the same cut and dye job. I decided to go on-line and find a site that has different hairstyles I could try on. I found Daily Makeover/, you upload a photo and whalla you go window shopping for some hew hairdo's. So I tried on a few different looks, some were rather quite silly, and some were like WWWHHHHOOOO OK no. Bad thing is, I'm still sticking to the same color and semi-the same hair style. As long as it has bangs I am cool with it - even though I would love to get rid of the bangs. HAHA there is no making me happy.

Looking at the grid, I am loving everything in the 3rd row. The 2nd row.. haha not so much.. and the first row.. can you really see me as a blond? THINK NOT!

Oh well.. I really need a haircut! Today is a total bad hair day! hahah Cha Cha Chia...

=) bucket


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being willing to send those brushes to me! I sent you an e-mail from shannabanana {at} rocketmail {dot} com just in case it goes to your junk folder.

Have a great weekend :)

Glenda T. said...

I too have had the same boring, lank and long hair style for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS!!! I am going to this daily makeover and checking it out!! I like all the styles on the bottom row but you also look hot as the blonde!