Sep 10, 2008

October 2008 Scrapbooks Etc. Page 122

Call me silly, but I get butterflies when I see my designs in print. Yeah I know no one may know I designed that skull, but I know that I did... and it gives me butterflies knowing that someone out there is looking at it - well everyone that reads this magazine will read it. And seriously how many people subscribe to this magazine anyway..... I know when they first came out people I thought I was really weird, but I don't care... I love my skull... it took me hours to get it just right... AAAHHHH I love it.

While I'm at it I am going to post another all time favorite. Joe is AMAZING... and check out what he did with the skull!! Lets hope we see the skulls back at the Magistical Memories store soon =)

1 comment:

SUsieb said...

that mag is still sitting in my garage in the came last week and with the construction, at leaset if I leave the mail in one place, I'll know where it is!

I know you designed it, and I know you ROCK!!!