Sep 10, 2008

Breathe... just breathe....

That is what it has felt like these last two days at work. Work is super busy, I left busy, came back to it being busy... busy hell is what I call it. Augh but it's OK, work is work and I love it. It keeps me busy and out of trouble... =) well not really but at least I try.

So here I am trying to finally update my blog. I know it's been a while but like I said I have been busy.

First I wanted to share some photos from Labor Day. My niece got a super cute digital camera that takes pictures underwater. How cute is that!! So we took it underwater and started making silly faces. I won't even show those, but here are a few of my favorites.

Labor day fun

Adorable huh! I just love that girl to pieces. While there I needed to run an errand and asked her to drive me. She was like SURE anything for you bucket... yeah.. see why I love her. She was so adorable. She was holding on to the steering wheel like it was no body's business. She did pretty good. =) Oh my baby girl is growing up! So not fair.

So how was Creative Escape. It totally SUCKED! When the lottery comes up in February I say don't bother! Seriously. Think about it, do you want to be away from your husbands and kids for a weekend away with 500 other women taking classes with Heidi Swapp and Tim Holtz? Yeah doesn't sound appealing huh. So like I said when the lottery comes up... don't bother signing up. HAAHAHAH Yeah I loved it! It was totally worth it and YES I would totally go again.

What was my favorite project? .... well honestly all of them. All the instructors had something different to offer. One of my favorites, which actually surprised me, was Kollette Hall. The woman had me in tears. Let me back up a bit, the Creative Escape Theme was 'Treasure'. So if you know about Kollette Hall you know all about what she has been going through with her husband. I'll admit I didn't know much about her and I had taken a class with her quite a few years back and I wasn't impressed. People are allowed to change their minds right... YES.. and well I have. I loved her project and I do plan on using it daily. What is it? It's basically a daily reflection book on finding good. You are supposed to write a daily sentence about yourself.. something good about yourself. For example today I smiled at a stranger and they smiled back at me. Just anything, something, that you can look back at later and smile. Something just for you. WOW... isn't that a cool idea. I don't have pictures of the projects yet, hopefully this weekend I will have time to take them and post them.

So for now I will share some of my favorite photos from this weekend. =)

Picnik collage_Cretive Escape

And check it out... I can now mark horseback riding off my bucket list and get this I didn't even cry! I rode that horse like I have never ever ever been bucked off. The memory of me kissing the floor and having a horse laugh in my face is GONE.. forever... So will I ever ride a horse again... probably not.. but for now I can say I rode a horse and I did it with a smile. =)

horse back riding collage


Star said...

You are so awesome and I feel blessed to have shared the experience with all of you! To see you face your fear just blew me away! You rock!

Glenda T. said...

Love all the pics, especially those underwater ones!! I love horseback riding!! For someone who would bungee jump it surprises me you were scared of the horses! haha