Aug 11, 2008

To those that like to spam me.....

First of all... can you stop with the fat remarks. I have issues... yes issues... the more fat remarks you make the more I want to eat. And no I don't need game in bed. Everything in the bed is working just fine. You say you want to give me Viagra for cheap? How about giving it to me for FREE.. now that would be cheap, don't you think? Now you want to sell me a Rolex.. oh wait it's a replica.. no thank you.. and anyway, I lose watches all the time.. so please move on. You want to know if he is big enough? Well yeah big enough because it seems to do the necessary job... yeah see me smiling.. would I be smiling if it wasn't big enough? Now wait a minute Do I want to enlarge my penis? OK do you want to take a peek? I am a WOMAN... all woman thank you very much. I don't have a penis.. please move along!

Yeah that is what I feel like saying to all the spammers of the world. I took a break from email this weekend and came back to 400 emails in my inbox. 300 of those were spam. The other 100 I need to read and maybe respond to 20 of them.

So if your waiting for me to respond to an email give me a day or two. I promise to respond really soon.

=) bucket