Aug 14, 2008

My little sisters wedding

Sorry it's taken me longer then usual to post pictures... but look at the happy couple.

A wedding isn't a wedding without a little drama, eh. My sister didn't get a permit to get married at the beach. One lady decided... what a nice day it is to ruin someone's day. So she asked us for a permit, I was like huh permit? My sister was told you only need a permit if you have a group of 50 or more at your cermony. We had 20, but there was more to it. If you have a professional photographer with you, you need a permit. UUmm... so anyway, the lady called the PO-lice. They came over, we smiled and basically told us we had to leave. Lucky for us he came just as the ceremony was over. Its OK it didn't ruin my sisters wedding. She had a fabolus day - so there lady! =)
This photo here is my favorite ever. My sister and her husband, I just love saying that, are always inviting the kids over for sleep overs. This is what I imagine her house being like. Nathan is a big kid and lucky for us he just loves having the kids over.
From left to right, Johnny, Marcos, Diana, Nathan, Krystal, and Josh.
=) bucket


papelytijeras said...

What a fun pic and don't you just cringe when people are hating on your happy moment. Tontos! Have a happy Friday!

deathbycaffeine said...

she looks so beautiful!!! Then again she always has. :) Tell her congrats for me will you?

- Marjorie