Jul 2, 2008

The daughter my parents never had

and I say that with the upmost sincerity. Meet Uri. Uri is the daughter of a friend of my mom's. I first met her last November when she came out to visit with her mom. Uri is an aspiring singer. She sings amazing! She signed a record deal about 2 weeks go.. WOO HOO URI and now... things are really looking up. She has been singing at local resturants and she just got the call to do the biggest show ever. She is going to sing the Mexican national Athmen at the Cotto, Margarito to fight on July 26 in Las Vegas. Now that is huge! You know it's huge if your a boxing fan... and yes I am a major boxing fan.

So this morning as we were driving to work, I told my mom, Uri is the daugher dad never had. She looked at me really funny like how can you say that? I said MOM.. She can sing! None of us can sing. See my dad can sing, poor guy was left with a tone-death family. If I sing I sound like a dying cat. Yeah don't laugh. My poor dad, but at least now he has the daughter he never had. Uri is just the sweetest girl ever. We are so excited for her. She has been working really hard out here and hopefully this stepping stone will help her launch her carrer.

For all you local San Fernando Valley people she will be singing at El 7 Mares in San Fernando. All I know is that they are evening shows. I'll be there with my parents.

El 7 Mares - San Fernando Mexican style seafood, 1125 1st St, San Fernando, CA 91340.

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