Mar 3, 2008

I'm finally getting the feel for my Etsy site.

I had this puppy sitting at my house for over a month now and finally uploaded it to my etsy site.
As many of you know I am fundraising (are you tired of me saying that yet?) for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. I've had so many fundraising ideas spinning around in my head that I figured why not use what I have available and put that to use. So I talked to Crystle and she offered to cut me some Chipboard albums. And after talking to my Creative Escape BFF Teri, she asked me to make something for the event, so whalla... here is my CE chipboard book.
I will be honest with all of you out there in blog world, I am not one to ask for anything. I have the hardest time fundraising; I hate asking for money. Every year around this time all my friends hear is give me, give me, and give me more. So this year I am trying to do things a little bit different, but hey if you happen to have an extra$5... can you give a little. :-) CLICK HERE TO GIVE a little
So check it out dog - done in my best Randy Jackson impression - I created an etsy site for my fundraising. Are you shaking your head now? As a consumer I know most people don't want to give money for nothing, but what about giving money for something. Just know anything you buy from my etsy site goes directly towards my fundraising. The best part of all you are helping save a life.
Thanks for reading my blog.

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