Mar 16, 2011

Cinnabons and buying the most perfect dress

She was craving I went along for the ride.

My little sister is now 5 days over due. Can you see the belly? Isn't it beautiful. She said I think it's beautiful because I am not carrying it. True in a way. I am not carrying the belly but what is in the belly is what is beautiful. My baby nephew. Can't wait for him to come out and play. Hurry up Zachary! Or as my mom says "Schary"...haha 


after getting her cinnabons she suggested we go to David's Bridal and check out some dresses for me.

hahaha...hahah..hahah.. Why am I laughing. I've never done this. Yes I've been married once before, but honestly that doesn't count. Well.... not a wedding type of way. Baseball in the background and being dragged in doesn't count. haaha

Anyway, looking here. $99 gown sale. Can you say...eeww. Well I don't judge, but really the not so pretty dresses are always on sale.

Shopping..... :)

photo.JPGAfter trying on dress after dress, well OK I only tried on 3 dresses... They were pretty, but not for me.

Honestly I was open to ideas. I know what I liked but wasn't sure what would look best on me.

My sister had more of an idea of what she thought looked good on me. She asked the "Wedding Consultant" what to bring me, but really I didn't want anything long. Imagine me in a long dress.

Well just imagine me in a long dress and heals?

dress with running shoes

Thinking I could do a long dress if I wore running shoes. haha I know I should wear heals more but I can't seem to do it.

In the end I did find a dress, rather quickly. It's so pretty. Fits me great. So technically the whole wedding thing isn't until November, but I couldn't resist. I told my sister I wanted a dress that is pretty enough to be seen in a fancy restaurant, but also pretty enough to be seen through a Mcdonalds drive through. Seriously.... right? I've stopped talking about it because everyone has an opinion. You should do this, or do that. Honestly, guess what I think I'll just tell you when it happens. *big cheesy smile* Maybe I can get Mark to jump on the spontaneous bandwagon with me and we will just do it.

It's going to be interesting. That is all I am saying.

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Elisabeth said...

i just love you bucket! you should do what you want to do, its your wedding, wear running shoes if you want :)