Dec 14, 2010

365 - 12/13 Pie in a Jar

I've been searching and searching...and searching some more for some unique ideas for the wedding. In case you haven't been to the other blog the date has been changed to 11/11/2011. So I really don't want a wedding cake, I'd rather do a pie table sort of thing. While on my search I found these awesome pie in a jar treats. I made a test batch just to see how long it would take and would it be feasible for me to do. While my family did the Ohhs and Ahhs and really the reward was looking at the empty's not feasible for me to do. I think these are great for dinner parties and such. Even could be something fun to do with little ones. 

Next on my list cupcake in a jar.   

1 comment:

Elisabeth said...

I love pie in a jar! Such a great idea, and YUM! And yours looks so great.