Sep 28, 2010

Project 365 - 9/24 Inspiration Unlimited

Your going where to do what?  I am going to Vegas to Scrapbook. What is so strange about that? Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Inspiration Unlimited is an event that is organized by my friend Ginger. The events featured Scrapbook designer is Teresa Collins. She is the sweetest ever and is always so inspiring. I love taking classes from her because she always makes things look so simple. I have to admit I am not a glittery type of woman, but makes it all look so fun. I gave the glitter a go, and realized..yeah the stuff drives me crazy but still oh so pretty.

My favorite class, the one taught by Janet Hopkins. We customized a Portfolio Binder/Album and it's just something I never think of doing. Played with Glimmer mist...I love the stuff, I especially love what happens to my hands after playing with it..LOL...I call it my artist hands. Dirty, inky and oh so pretty.

There is a lot people don't know about me. Why sometimes I stay so quiet, why I don't call anyone, why I just stay to myself. Sometimes it takes a weekend away to rejuvenate and realize that I need to stop keeping to myself and reach out to my friends.

Thanks again Ginger for an amazing weekend!!!

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