Aug 20, 2010

Project 365 - 8/19

8/19, originally uploaded by suzbucket.
More blood test revealed...yes I have diabetes.
My doctor, being as sweet as she is, looking at my blood test results said.." Uumm... , this doesn't look good. You do have diabetes."
Me: Oh.
Doc.: I am going to give you a prescription to help control your blood sugar.
Me: OK. (Thinking...yeah explains why I am always so tired.)
Doc.: Now, this still doesn't look good. You need to get an ultra sound of your liver done. Something is going on with your liver.
Me: OK.

Umm.... OK is this what happens to you when you turn 40. All of a sudden you break down? I hope the pills will help, because I am tired of always being tired. I don't know what to think of the liver thing. Can I get a new one? Well if something is wrong with the one I have, I want a new one. Just saying. Where is the list, put me down for one OK. Thanks.

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