May 3, 2010

My Birthday Surprise Party

Thanks for the pictures April!!

First question, was I surprised. Well...there is a story behind that.

Mark: BUCKET! We need to talk!
me: WHAT!!
Mark: I need your schedule! Are you busy on the May 1st?
me: Well technically I do have an event I want to attend that day why?
Mark: How important is it, and is it OK if you miss it?
me: HUH? I've been wanting to do this karaoke thing forever? What is so important?

As the conservation went on I saw how frustrated he was. We had been talking about having a party for my 40th Birthday and he wanted to plan it but he knows I am always busy and well he does get a bit frustrated with me. Sorry Mark. :( I saw how important this was to him so I played along and said OK I promise to be free on May 1st.

So technically I knew there was a party, but I didn't know anything else. That day I was out back by the pool and my mom calls me into her house. Mija, so you know about the party tonight right? I nodded. And you know we want you to dress as Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland. Uuumm No, I did not know that. It's a theme party? So my mom went shopping for me and bought me what is her interpretation of an Alice in Wonderland dress. I cracked a smiled and said OK mom well see.

That evening I go out to dinner with my oldest and his girlfriend. He kept calling my sister and asking is it OK to go home yet. In a way I really do wish it was a surprise, but maybe I am the type you just can't surprise.

Either way, it really was an amazing party and I had such a great time with my family! I can't remember when I laughed so much. This turning 40 business is actually quite fun. What am I going to do when it's over?

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