Apr 15, 2010

Project 365 - 4/15

Target...really who doesn't love shopping at Target.
pic 1. Well Well, tomorrow night I head off to a Dodger's game with Mark. To piss him off I was going to buy a Dodger's t-shirt. Then I started thinking really?? it's going to be cold and there is no way I will take off my jacket..instead I will buy a visor at the game. Most people don't know this about me, but I collect visors. I love them. if I had it my way I'd wear my hair in a ponytail and a visor everyday. :)
pic 2. As I was walking through the isles I saw these Edward, Bella and Jacob dolls. Really? Do parents really buy these for these for their kids? And if so who does Bella kiss every night? haha
pic 3. OOOHHH I love these. Was in the arts and crafts section looking for those markers that you use to decorate your cars with. Instead I found these cool Crayola Window Crayons! Raquel are you reading this? I've got tons of ideas for the van! SO EXCITED.

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