Mar 19, 2010

project 365 - day 58

day 58, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Reality Sucks! Cancer Sucks.

I remember leaving the office with my aunt and her complaining of headaches. She thought it was just stress. She went to the doctor, was sent to get an MRI right away, 2 weeks later she was in surgery getting a biopsy of her brain tumor. One night we are in the car laughing and joking the next minute I am in the hospital waiting to hear how the surgery went. 2 and half years later my aunt is still alive, but the reality has set, that damn tumor is growing and *sigh*.

Last Monday I looked at my mom and she looked really tired. I said Mom are you OK? She started crying and said No, I am losing my sister and I don't know what to do. That is when reality set in and I said what can I do?

While my aunt can't hold full conservations anymore, I went over and had a nice chat with her. Even though I completed her sentences and told her stupid stories about work she still wanted to hear all about it. So what is going on, is so and so still there? We laughed and just had a great time and I really enjoyed my evening with her.

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