Mar 15, 2010

Proj. 365 3/14

day 54 tia_andrea, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

For me it was an ordinary Sunday spent at home cleaning and looking over old photos. I feel upon this photo of my aunt Andrea and just started crying.

My aunt, my mom and I would carpool to work everyday and just laugh at the silliest things. They would make fun of me, I would make fun of them, it was fun being the third wheel with these two sisters. I would tease my aunt about being my favorite aunt. She would say "Now Susy, it's OK to call me your favorite but just don't let your other aunts know or else they will get jealous" and she would let out the biggest laugh ever.

I love my aunt! I miss being able to hold a conservation with her. Her cancer is spreading and well IT SUCKS!! :(

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