Mar 8, 2010

I'm a scrapbooker...I swear

I've been working on things, but life got a bit busy and I put a few things aside.

13 - years.. Yes 13 years with Mark. Really? The picture is our first picture ever taken as a couple, I love it. Just a simple layout on our crazy relationship...and don't listen to him to when he says we've only been together 2 weeks. hahaha
This layout I started a few weeks back and again put it aside. It was for one of Scrapping the Music weekly challenges. The song was about Disneyland. Really who doesn't love this place. If growing up means I can never come back to this place, then I never want to grow up.
For years I've been searching for the perfect tattoo. I went from wanting a sugar skull, to a skeleton winged butterfly to this. I love it and it couldn't be more prefect. And it really didn't hurt - not all that much - not until I put my bra strap back on. OUCH. Oh but I have to say it is so beautiful and I LOVE IT.

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Artes Laura said...

oh!!! i love Disney... and it´s very fun..
Big girl don´t cry? ohhhh