Mar 24, 2010

day 64 part 2

day 64 part 2, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Well look at this.
Thank you Susan Rodriguez for your 15 years of dedicated service.. then I got the ... how old were you when you started? Where you still in elementary school. hahah.. Yeah sure I say. Guess my age. hahaa

It came with a $150 gift card.
It comes with a vacation increase. Now I am earning 2 days a month. So what that is 24 days a year. What the heck. and I going to do with 24 days of vacation a year. So think of it this way, I earn 1 sick day and 2 vacation days a month, I see it as 3 days a month.. total that up and that is 36 days a year or if you look at it this way, that is 7 weeks off a year. hahaha... OH and this doesn't include my furlough days.. so add 16 days to that equation.
Come to think of it, now I know why my numbers never go down, I earn more then I could use.

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