Oct 29, 2009

almost Halloween

I had an idea for a costume. Mark had another idea. He wants me to dress up as the Corpse Bride and he wants to be Victor. UUmm... so I asked him.. does this mean you finally want to marry me? He looked at me *LAUGHED* and walked away. Yeah.. Yeah..
We sat down to watch the Corpse Bride to get some ideas on the costume. My son Josh walked over and sat down to watch the movie with us. aaahhhh I just love this boy! I sat in the middle, but closer to Josh (Mark was on my I don't like you very much list), and the 3 of us just talked and laughed. Mark had his arguments, see Victor doesn't marry the Corpse Bride he marries Victoria. Josh suggested I dress as Victoria instead.. lol. Mark can't win and never will. LOL.
I'm so not ready for Halloween. I've waited for it so long that now that it is coming up I am so falling behind on everything. Tomorrow is my office Halloween party. Participation is low and well...I am hoping for the best. Crossing my fingers and hoping it's successful.
Have a great Halloween... :) bucket

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

lol!!!! i agree....he shouldn't be winning this argument!!! have a great halloween! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)