May 11, 2009

39...yep 39

It's my birthday..It's my birthday!!
I love birthdays, always have. I always reflect on all the good things in life. I really am fortunate you know. I have an amazing family, great friends, a great life.
I have to admit I get a little depressed, it's the age thing, I am getting older and my kids are getting older. I know it's the way life goes, but really I am not ready to grow up yet. =)
I am really looking forward to today. Going to Coupa Cafe with my co-workers for lunch, then this evening I am going to dinner with my two favorite young men and then after that we are off to get one a Tux for prom. Just like his mother, waits until the last minute for everything.
My week is really looking up also. Tomorrow night I will go to dinner with my friend Marjorie, Wednesday is another day off and I am off to go watch the Ellen show with my BFF Sue Baker. She is so cute, she even called me and sang me Happy Birthday. You know that movie "On Golden Pond"? Don't laugh...OK I am laughing.. she sings just like Katherine Hepburn. It's is adorable.
Mark unfortunately is away. He is spending some much needed time with his parents. His family got some bad news this Friday, his dad has prostate cancer. Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers. Thank you.

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