Feb 25, 2009

Talking to myself....

really isn't as much fun as i would have thought. i am home sick and kind sick and tired of being home. Some people think it's great working from home, but really it's not. at work at least I can get up and go talk to someone about anything. at home i get up to wash the dishes...what fun is that? so here i am surfing the internet.

i have decided i am going to looking into cooking classes. yeah don't laugh. i've been thinking about it for a while and i'd really love to cook something different something healthy. if you know me you are probably thinking....as if you have time with everything else you do. well like they say...if you really want to do something you will find the time to do it right. right..... lol.

besides that i want to make cupcakes. funny thing is i am not a big fan of deserts. seriously, i love ice cream but not a big fan of cakes and stuff. but then I see stuff like this... (found at Happiness in a bite)
I love Sock Monkeys..... and I just fell in love with this cup cake.
maybe it's just my craft side...but I just want to play. maybe i'll go work on a layout tonight. there is one more challenge I wanted to work on. yeah think i'll do that. off to finish my work and then calling it a day... oh yeah and for dinner tonight...Salmon with pineapple salsa... YUM YUM... Josh is cooking. I will have to take pictures of this for sure.

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papelytijeras said...

Hey there chickadee...sorry to hear you're sick. I love working from home because the hubby is home too (wink wink) but only get to do that once a week. Hope you feel better. Love the cupcake pic you put on the page. Too cute. Come and play at Scrap It Forward! :)